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The SKS Assault Rifle

The SKS rifle is one of the top selling rifles on the market. Due to the surplus of millions of these remarkable SKS rifles, they are relatively inexpensive, as well as meticulously maintained. The SKS rifle operates on a short stroke gas piston, tilting bolt design, which shares many features with most modern firearms. After the development of the AK-47 rifle, the SKS rifles were all but abandoned, due to the high cost of production, when compared to the stamped AK47 rifles.
Despite this fact the SKS hunting community is continuing to grow, due to the inexpensive price tag of these firearms, and great number of SKS parts available. SKS rifles can be found imported from Russia, China, Yugoslavia, Romania, East Germany, Albania, Vietnam, North Korea, and many other places. With only cosmetic changes in most cases, these SKS rifles share the same SKS parts, and accuracy.

When considering the price of the SKS rifle being far below the six hundred dollar average of most hunting rifles, many people dubbed the SKS rifle as “the poor man’s hunting rifle.” In all of my experience, I have found the SKS rifle to be a solid repeating rifle, which makes hunting accessible to all walks of life.
The SKS rifle has not received all the credit it deserves, due to its predecessor the AK47 eclipsing many of the innovation the SKS rifle. When designed in 1945 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, the SKS rifle became cutting edge technology for that time. The SKS rifles and SKS parts are now produced by a wide range of US manufacturers, to make the SKS rifle BATFE compliant, as well as customizable for all types of shooters.

To date the SKS rifle can be found in almost every gun shop in the country. Products such as SKS stocks, SKS parts, and other SKS accessories have made the SKS gun more desirable than ever. We are proud to be your SKS rifle source, as well as SKS part source.